Bottles For Babies 2021

President Ronald Reagan began the observance of Sanctity of Human Life Sunday in 1985 on the third Sunday in January. This began a tradition where life-loving people in the United States recognize and observe the preciousness of human life each year on this day.

Every church in Shelby County has an amazing opportunity to participate in this day and everyday by praying for the unborn and their families facing an unplanned or crisis pregnancy. By participating, churches can have a member to do a brief reading or pray uniquely for the day. Your church can host a “Bottles for Babies Campaign” by distributing 25 bottles to your members. This way they can discuss with the next generation of children the significance of human life and how Jesus wants us to help others who are most vulnerable.

We also have an online page for “Bottles for Babies Campaign” at
Sign-up your group today and get your group collecting coins to help save lives and teach the next generation the importance of the Sanctity of Human Life!
For more information or to get your bottles contact us