Day of Prayer-Banquet 2020

August 26, 2020 misdean Blog

Specific requests:

-Pray for the Clients seeking help.

-Pray for the Client Advocates.

-Pray for the Appointment Setters.

-Pray for the Staff, to lead in their roles as God has called them.

-Pray for the Board, as they guide.

-Pray for truth in love spoken at every point(what we say, holy spirit to guide)

-Pray that the Little Lamb’s Boutique is stocked with baby clothes, 

diapers and wipes.

-Pray for the Earn While You Learn Classes.

-Pray for the needed Bibles & literature we give to clients.

-Pray for the needed volunteers to join our Center.

-Pray for the event one-time gift goal to be met.

-Pray for the needed recurring monthly donors to discover the vision,  

provide for the growth and plan for 2021.

-Pray for the Banquet Speaker, Steventhen Holland.
-Pray for the technical aspect of the online event to go smoothly.

-Pray for 1,000 people to sign-up to watch and respond to 

our presentation at the 1st ever virtual banquet. 

-Pray a prayer of Thanksgiving that at 35 years, God has used many to minister to the women and their families in Shelby County and that He will continue to provide the vision, resources and staff to continue