Education Materials

August 7, 2019 misdean Blog

We are completing a project that began last year. Several groups have help us by moving furniture, painting and tearing down structures by upgrading our educational and boutique with a few furnishings like chairs and tables as well as other needed equipment and online course resources. This dream is almost finished as a God led and mission directed project. This project completion will help us serve our mothers and fathers while participating in the Earn While You Learn Education classes where they receive credit in exchange for diapers, wipes and supplies. Clients learn about parenting and pregnancy through these classes. If you can provide in anyway with this project, please contact us at info@savalifeshelby dot org.

We still need:

40 specific light weight stackable chairs at a cost of $40 each. Estimated total cost $1,600

5 specific light weight double folding matching tables at a cost of $70 each. Estimated total cost $350

Monthly online BrightCourse Educational Lessons at a cost of $79.00 per month. This can be used in a group or individually. We will use the videos in our education classes as well as to reach out to the client one more time to reinforce what we discussed after she leaves our Center through the wonderful technology of texting. Estimated total annual cost $948

1-60inch SmartTV for Moms and Dads to watch and share in the Educational experience in a group format at an estimated cost of $600.

1 TV wall mount for the Educational space 60inch Smart TV at an estimated cost $100.

1 Sound system for the TV/Educational space at an estimated cost of $300.

1100 “Before You Decide” Magazines. One for each woman visiting our Center in order to reach them and their friends long after they leave our Center. Estimated cost $1,420.10

500 “Before She Decides” Pamplet for the fathers as an outreach to the father.  The fathers are the #1 influence to a women’s decision in keeping her baby so we want to address through the father by giving this wonderful tool to our dads. Not every dad visits our Center but we recognize this opportunity. Estimated cost $710.05

500 Precious Feet lapel pin attached to an informational card with the documented facts of a baby’s development from conception to birth as a outreach to our Dads who attend the ultrasound appointment with the mother. We use this as one more opportunity to show that the size of the tiny feet are the size of their own baby’s feet further reinforcing the fact that their sweet baby is real and waiting to meet them. Estimated cost $425.00