PROVIDE For Rennovations

September 1, 2018 misdean Blog

We have a Project this Fall 2018 to swap the rooms of our conference room/Earn While You Learn classroom with our Little Lambs Boutique to better serve our mothers and fathers when attending the Earn While You Learn classes and better utilizing our space but we need some items to help us accomplish this task. If you can provide in anyway with this project, please contact us at info@savalifeshelby dot org.

We will need:

2 Gallons of a specific paint for the Little Lambs Boutique

4 Gallons of a specific paint for the Earn While You Learn classroom

6, Specific size wood dowells.

6, Specific size metal rolling carts

Other wood and hardware items for reassembling.

2  Gallons White semi-gloss paint

1 Specific type and size of TV for teaching.

10 Specific size folding tables

60 Specific type stackable chairs for classroom. Medium to light weight.

paint dowelscartnuts and bolt folding table  chair