Other Medical Needs

August 27, 2018 misdean Blog

Most of us just think that all we need at the Pregnancy Resource Center is Pregnancy Tests but we have other medical supply needs as well. We have to have specimen cups, latex gloves, disenfectant wipes, ultrasound gel, ultrasound disenfectant spray, printer ink & printer film for the baby pictures, exam table roll paper and exam drape sheets.

We estimate that 400 clients will walk through our door needing our pregnancy testing and ultrasound services. Our budget this year has tightened because of the significant increase in women needing our services. Will you be the one that provides for any one of these needs? We hope so! Donate.

Specifmen Cups, Amazon List
Latex Gloves, Amazon List
Disenfectant Wipes, Amazon List
Ultrasound Gel, Amazon List
Disenfectant Spray, Donate
Printer Ink & Film, Donate
Exam Table Roll Paper, Amazon List
Exam Drape Sheets, Amazon List

gel gloves s cupslysolexam roll pape  sheet drape